Upholstery cleaning London

If you want to completely enjoy the comfort and freshness of your upholstery. Book the Upholstery Cleaning London service at we can clean. Our professional cleaners will refresh your sofas, chairs, and mattresses. We use professional detergents for different types of fabric – textile, suede, and leather. Our cleaning materials are ecologically tested and efficient, our services – professional, reliable and punctual.
No matter at home or at work – all of us enjoy the cosiness of clean furniture. Whether we work, sleep or relax – we feel better when our surroundings are neat and tidy. Our professionals at we can clean will steam-clean the surfaces of your sofas, chairs and mattresses so that they are sanitized and fresh.

Professional upholstery cleaning London

We have competitive prices which depend on the type of the item that has to be cleaned and its size. Our minimum price per visit is Ј59 as we come with our professional equipment and cleaning materials and we guarantee 100% freshness and sanitization.  You can combine your Upholstery cleaning with the rest of our professional services – Carpet cleaning, Oven cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning London
Upholstery Cleaning London

Book us today and enjoy the real comfort of clean and spotless furniture!

Upholstery cleaning London prices:

2 Seated Sofa £32
3 Seated Sofa £42
Armchair £19
Dining Chair £6
Stairs per flight £25
Single Mattress £19
Double Mattress £29

We can clean also provide the following cleaning services in London:

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